Life & Disability


“We were attempting to navigate the waters of the ever-evolving Affordable Health Care Act. My company, Human Technologies, Inc., went from offering comprehensive medical to about 300 employees to being required to provide it to over 2,000 each month. As we waded our way through this process for the first year, gaining lessons learned and new methods, we knew we needed some additional assistance. This team made the entire transition process seamless. Our internal timeframe was frenzied, frustrating, and challenging. However, each step of the way showed us what a fantastic partnership we could have with them. Our group was more easily able to maintain auto-enrollment through the BenefitElect system. This process allowed us to ensure compliance with the rapidly changing laws while allowing our employees to have a healthcare plan when they forgot to sign up for themselves. We went from paper forms for every employee who started (over 10,000!) to online and over the phone elections. Our internal team went from looking at individually completed documents to completely customized reporting that we could pull at any given time. The difference was phenomenal. We have not looked back, and we don’t want to. We appreciate the automation of the system, coupled with the personal touch they provide. We have developed a fantastic partnership with this company. We are excited to see what innovative solutions they will come up with next.”

Megan Hoover, Team Lead, Compensation and Benefits, Human Technologies, Inc.

Auto-Enroll has been a great program for our organization. It has saved us from the ACA penalty and kept us compliant with the regulations set forth by the ACA. It can be difficult to prove to that you complied with the numerous regulations under the ACA, with auto-enrolling employees, we have ensured that we stay compliant and prevent any possible negative repercussions. Auto-enroll is a great tool and our providers and BenefitElect make it extremely easy to navigate. The process is simplistic and takes up almost no time on our end to accomplish. BenefitElect has created an extremely helpful management process for auto-enroll. I am truly glad we have BenefitElect as our benefit administrator to help us navigate the auto-enroll process for all of our employees.

Americo Teran, Assistant Manager of HR, Forge Industrial Staffing

Life & Disability

Basic Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

Providing economic security for your family if you pass away, become disabled, or experience an injury or illness is a major consideration in personal financial planning. As an employee, you automatically receive Basic Life and AD&D coverage in the amount of [1 time your base salary up to a maximum of $300,000]. This coverage is provided at no cost to you.

Don’t forget to update your beneficiary designation if you experience a life change.

Supplemental Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

Voluntary Life and AD&D offers additional coverage for yourself, and/or for your spouse and children. New hire employees receive guaranteed issue coverage up to [$100,000]. Spouses receive guaranteed issue coverage up to [$30,000]. For any amount over these limits, an Evidence of Insurability form must be completed.

Short-Term Disability (STD)

The Short-Term Disability (STD) plan provides [60%] of your weekly salary, to a maximum of [$1,500] per week for up to [13 weeks] of a disability. Benefits begin on the [first] day you miss work because of an accident, and on the [eighth] day you miss work because of an illness. [You are automatically covered under the STD plan at no cost to you.].

Long-Term Disability (LTD)

Long-Term Disability (LTD) coverage is important because anyone at any age may become injured or ill for an extended period of time. LTD protects you from loss of income in the event you are unable to work due to an illness, injury, or accident for a period of time that exceeds the short-term disability benefit. [You are automatically covered under the LTD plan at no cost to you.]

LTD coverage will replace [60%] of your base salary to a monthly maximum of [$10,000] if you are disabled for more than 90 days and are unable to work. LTD benefits are offset by other sources of income, such as Social Security and workers’ compensation.

See the Benefits Guide or benefits summary for detailed information.

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